The New York metro system is definitely not short of sleeping subway riders, but what you don't typically see on an everyday commute is Roger Waters in a slumber. Photos recently surfaced of Pink Floyd's co-founder taking a nap on the 6 train passing through lower Manhattan, and admiring a dog who was onboard as well.

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That guy on the right looks like he might recognize the rocker. It's pretty common to see celebrities galavanting about the concrete jungle, but for someone with that big of a legacy to ride public transportation as opposed to getting a private car or some other personal means is brave...especially since the subway is pretty gross.

Waters isn't the only rockstar to recently go out in public and not be bombarded by fans. David Lee Roth of Van Halen crashed a bachelor party about a week ago, and they had no idea who he was. And, of all things, Dave Grohl managed to mingle at a rap festival last year, virtually going unnoticed.

The co-composer of Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall may not have been the center of attention on his subway commute, but he was placed in the spotlight over the weekend by Disturbed's David Draiman, who called him out for his protesting of Israel. Yikes.

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