Philip Anselmo revealed how he learned of late Pantera bandmate Vinnie Paul’s death during a rock and horror convention panel. Speaking at Spooky Empire in Florida, Anselmo also pleaded with the audience to be good to each other while they’re still alive.

Vinnie Paul died on June 22 due to complications from heart disease. Vinnie and Phil never made amends during their lifetime, as a bitter feud between the two festered following the end of Pantera and the 2004 death of Dimebag Darrell. Vinnie Paul told us in 2016 he never planned to speak with Anselmo ever again, and he never did.

"I was busy rehabbing my back and I had had a great day grinding downstairs, hitting the bag and shit like that," Anselmo begins. "And then I got the news about Vince and it was just deflating, man. Despite all of our differences, just know this: the bitterness was so fucking harsh because it came from a place of love. You understand me on that? We loved each other so much that when things go awry in a band, it's like tripling down on negativity, man."

Anselmo continues, “It’s a pain I wouldn't wish on anyone. So, you all do me a favor, man — love each other while you can. Put all the squabbling and all the fucking fighting and all the division… I'm sick of this shit. Honestly, I'm tired of it. Be kind to each other. Everybody's cool, man, fuck. Just chill out.“

Phil went on to praise Vinnie Paul’s professionalism, describing when himself, Dimebag and Rex Brown were all “drunk,” Vinnie would be running the show. “He had his shit together. He'd be driving, he'd be settling gigs, and we would be drunk. "Thank goodness for Vince, man.”

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