Remember that time Paul Booth traveled across the country with a box of fetuses only to end up on Philip Anselmo’s doorstep? Yep, it happened, and it’s just one of many Pantera stories the tattoo legend shared with us.

Paul Booth has tattooed Anselmo multiple times, notably inking a very NSFW portrait of Phil’s ex-wife riding a giant tongue. Pantera icon Dimebag Darrell almost got his own Paul Booth piece, but after three or four brainstorming sessions with the artist, Dimebag’s idea for an Elvis Presley ‘TCB’ logo was nixed. Turns out the shredder was mighty indecisive.

As for Booth and Anselmo, the two hit it off right away after meeting on a Pantera / Sepultura / Biohazard tour. Booth would join Anselmo down in New Orleans every fall to scare people at the infamous House of Shock, but one year, he brought some morbid collections with him.

“This doctor I had communicated with was selling off a collection of fetuses in jars,” Booth describes. “I collect these things, so I’m jumping all over it. I ended up traveling across the country with a box of dead babies in my bunk. I got to Phil’s and took my box of babies… I was sitting on his porch early on and I was cleaning and looking at the bottles, finally.”

“Phil came out because he was worried about the neighbors. ‘Booth! Get your babies in the house!’ I’m like, ‘Did I do something bad?’”

Check out Paul Booth’s recollection in the video above. To get a glimpse of Booth’s Last Rites tattoo studio, click here.

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