Some black metal bands like to burn down churches, but this black metal band would rather piss on one. However, Canadian act Panzerfaust didn't just desecrate any church, the band took a trip to the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church, who have protested against Foo Fighters and Slayer in the past.

Back in 2011, the Westboro Baptist Church protested a Foo Fighters show to send a message to the entertainment industry as a whole (which makes perfect sense, right?). In response, Foo Fighters actually staged a hilarious performance dressed as rednecks on the flat bed of a truck, drowning out the WBC's protest. As if the church's actions in the past haven't been tasteless enough, the religious group also picketed Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's funeral, but instead of beating the bigots senseless with their own signature signs, fans followed the wishes of Slayer and ignored the WBC.

While on tour with Abigail Williams, Panzerfaust recently dropped by the church itself to stage their own protest against the WBC's actions, specifically their Hanneman protest:


Panzerfaust guitarist / vocalist Kaizer elaborated on the piss party:

Hours in to our drive to Denver in the sauna we call a van, sweating like pedophiles at recess we were when our good friend Chris Green gave us a call. He informed us that we just so happened to be within pissing proximity of everybody’s most beloved institution of all the fruits God has to bear, namely, The Westboro Baptist Church. Checking the map, we were only 20 miles past the psych ward. Needless to say, the tires screeched and we turned the Panzerkampfwagen back around and headed for the pissing grounds. Upon our arrival, we found someone so sweet as to capture this harmonious moment for us. It was on all counts civil service... Of a kind."

And here I was thinking we were going to a big gay, God-hating orgy. [via BraveWords]

You can still catch Panzerfaust on their North American tour with Abigail Williams. For remaining dates, click here.

Panzerfaust, 'The LORD is a Man of War, the LORD is His Name'

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