Remember when the Slam Dunk Contest meant something and was actually good? I do, even though it seems like forever ago. We had he actual stars of the league competing with actual dunks. Not second tier players who need props to get a high score.

It was on this day 30 years ago that we had one of the most iconic dunk contests ever. The two biggest names in dunking were going toe to toe. Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan. When LeBron James looks back at his career and wonders why he will still never be greater than Michael Jordan, he look at things like this. James has always been too good for the dunk contest. He's been afraid he'd lose and didn't want to compete.

This is why it seems like every longer ago that we had an actual competition that was exciting between two high profile stars in the dunk contest. Oh, and by the way, Wilkins and Jordan weren't the only stars in the contest. Just watch...

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