While I was skimming through all the hate mail I've gotten over not adding The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to our Mount Rushmore of Horror Franchises (thanks, Buzz), something amazing happened: the original The Texas Chains Saw Massacre was added to Netflix. Just in time for Halloween you can now watch Leatherface and his cannibalistic family terrorize a group of unsuspecting teens without the commercials.While you may not consider it Halloween movie, it's definitely a great addition to the Netflix & Chills section as the film celebrates it's 45th anniversary.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been in the spotlight lately as it was announced earlier that the gas station used in the film was opening as a restaurant with cabins available for lodging. The gas station, appropriately named The Gas Station, is located in Bastrop, TX. It has four rustic cabins with all the amenities with a full on BBQ restaurant and gift shop. All combined, it's sure to satisfy your craving for horror and BBQ.

Look, I get it, maybe Texas Chain Saw Massacre should have gone into our Mount Rushmore of Horror Franchises. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is iconic and went onto inspire many other great films. To this day the sound of a chain saw is traumatizing to many. I'm from Texas, I should have shown my Texas pride and put that movie on our Mount Rushmore of Horror Franchises. But I didn't, and now it feels like the universe is shaming me for not putting it on the Mount Rushmore. For now, I'll have to live with my decision.


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