If your holidays were filled with new gifts like gaming systems, flat screen televisions, laptops, diamonds, or the most high-tech table saw known to mankind — have you taken the time to record those items’ serial numbers, makes and models yet?

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson

If you answered no, we have a free, safe, and secure tool to help — because knowing what you own can be the difference between recovering and not recovering property in the event of theft or loss.

ReportIt is an online system that helps citizens store important information that is useful in the event of theft or loss, information like serial numbers, item descriptions, pictures, and scans of receipts.

ReportIt is secure.  The information is password protected and is accessed via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) network connection. This is the same type of connection used when you access your bank account online. The information you enter is also protected by the same high-level security measures that are used by financial institutions and government agencies.  The information can only be accessed using your username and password.  Should your property go missing, you'll be able to print the information from any computer with internet access and give it to law enforcement.

Nobody expects to be the victim of property crime, but if it does happen, you'll need to be able to provide the information to law enforcement and your insurance provider.

You can visit www.reportit.leadsonline.com to create their account.

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