For all of the seriousness of Pink Floyd's music, the dry wit of Nick Mason is often overlooked. But in a new interview, the drummer displays some trademark English drollery when talking about the band's future beyond their upcoming album, 'The Endless River.'

"I think I'll let David [Gilmour] do the, 'This is the last, this is the end,'" he told Rolling Stone. "I now believe when I'm dead and buried my tombstone will read, 'I'm not entirely sure the band's over.'"

Mason further quipped that, with the band now down to two members, any future defections could result in a difficult situation. "It did cross my mind that if David announces this is really the end of it, if he resigns from Pink Floyd, that leaves me in total control. God knows I'll be out on the road playing the entirety of 'Dark Side of the Moon,' just the drum parts. It'll be quite dull...I can see the headline now, 'Nick Mason to Tour.'"

In addition to 'The Endless River,' which will be released Nov. 10, Mason did some work on Gilmour's long-awaited solo album, which may be out next year. Of course, Mason thinks that Floyd may just be serving as a distraction for the notoriously slow-working Gilmour. "I suspect that David will do almost anything to not have to do real work on his solo album, so he was delighted to get sidelined on another project."

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