A new survey has revealed which states are the worst for package theft. Find out tips on how to protect you and your holiday packages.

November is Package Theft Awareness Month and sadly 25% of Americans will fall victim to this crime. Between the holidays of Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, theft and property crimes increase significantly and 1 in every 36 American homes will be a victim to burglary. But the news is even worse for New Mexicans.

The home security company Blink recently surveyed 10,000 people online with home surveillance systems to see which states were the worst for the likelihood of getting your packages stolen. The survey found that New Mexicans were almost six times more likely to have their holiday packages stolen from their home than anywhere else in the United States.

KRQE in Albuquerque says that only 3 other states had more package thefts than New Mexico: North Dakota, Vermont and Arkansas. Even the 2016 FBI Crime report showed that the amount of burglaries in the state have gone up.

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