Finally, there's some signs of life from Jane's Addiction — and it could include new music, too. The future plans of the pivotal '90s rock act have been put into question in recent months. The band canceled a series of festival appearances, including Perry Farrell's own Lollapalooza this weekend, reportedly due to Dave Navarro's battle with long-haul COVID. Not that the replacement act — a reunion of Farrell's side project Porno For Pyros — is anything to sneeze at.

But, with a major tour alongside the Smashing Pumpkins planned for this fall, there's been some speculation if Jane's Addiction would be able to take part as the dates inch closer. In a recent interview with Spin, Farrell seems to hint it's all systems go as he told the publication new recording sessions for Jane's will take place in August, just ahead of the Spirits On Fire tour kicking off October 2.

“As soon as we finish this [Porno for Pyros] Lolla performance, we’re going back home and I’m going to be recording through August,” Farrell told Spin. “And that will be for Porno for Pyros, for Kind Heaven Orchestra and for Jane’s Addiction.”

There's no word on when the potential new tracks will be out, but they will be a long time coming. The last Jane's Addiction album was released all the way back in 2011 with The Great Escape Artist.

Last year, Farrell spoke with AXS TV on the topic of new Jane's music, telling host Katie Daryl, "Personally I make music through the week, I have plans to release a track a month. I love the guys in Jane's Addiction and I want to record with them but I don't know what their plans are."

He added, "I'll talk to them about it... these days it's a little bit different... We, meaning us older guys that are established now, there's not really a need to come out with albums. Although maybe one more album before I die, that would be awesome with Jane's. And I think we could do it too. I would like to be prolific through next five years, then I'll be able to take a vacation. ... I call them up from time to time, 'I've got this track, man' and they're not ready."

Most recently, Farrell teamed up with tour mate Billy Corgan for a cover of "Jane Says." Per Brooklyn Vegan, it was part of a livestream benefit on July 27 to aid the victims of the July 4 mass shooting in Highland Park (where Corgan owns a teashop, Madame Zuzu's).

Perry Farrell Talks With AXS TV About New Jane's Addiction Music

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