In case you weren't aware, 37 new emojis will be added to iPhone users' keyboards once they update their software to IOS 15.4. In this collection of new characters is one that'll likely come in handy for metalheads.

Insider confirmed that the update came out today, and features the addition of new emojis including beans, a saluting smiley, a jar, a troll, coral, a disco ball, a crutch, bubbles, an ID card and more.

But there's one that'll specifically serve the needs of those in our world.

Metal fans often use different variations of the phrase "melt your face" to describe a song or band that's particularly heavy. Well, there's now an emoji with a face that's literally melting. So in addition to the Devil Horns hand, flame and guitar emojis, metalheads will have a new one that they can use in context to describe a "face-melting" new track to their peers.

See an image below.

Perhaps the saluting one will be of use too, especially when making references to AC/DC (we salute you!).

Japanese designer Shigetaka Kurita invented the emoji in 1999 as an easy and quick alternative to text communication. "Plus using only words in such a short message could lead to misunderstandings... It’s difficult to express yourself properly in so few characters," he explained to The Guardian. They became such an integral part of modern-day society that in 2016, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City added an art installation of Kurita's very first set of digital emojis.

World Emoji Day is July 17 of each year, and to commemorate it, we designed our own set of emojis to represent different rock and metal subgenres — black metal, nu-metal, punk, emo, grunge, goth and more. See a gallery of them toward the bottom of the page.

Next, we need one for Slash so that he doesn't have to keep typing out "iiii]; )'" on all of his social media posts.


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