"Avengers: Endgame" premiered a new trailer this morning! Even though Buzz isn't here to do one of his famous trailer breakdowns, we still took some time (okay, maybe a lot of time) to breakdown the new trailer. What we saw gave us all chills! It was also the first glimpse at Captain Marvel in "Endgame" check it out!

OMG! The flashback scenes, the black and white, the narration it makes us all so excited to see the outcome! We also got to see our favorites all assemble together like Tony Stark and Ant Man, giving us hope that Tony eventually gets back to Earth and Ant-Man is no longer stuck in the quantum realm.

One thing though, noticeably missing from this trailer? CAPTAIN AMERICA'S BEARD!

Chris Evans has been our Captain America since 2011 with three feature films and featured in four (including "Endgame") Avengers movies. But it wasn't until "Infinity War" that we got to see Cap rock the beard! AND. IT. WAS. GLORIOUS! Hit the play button there:

I wasn't the only one who thought so. There were tons of people who LOVED Cap's beard. It's a real shame that it's gone here! As Chris Evans wraps up playing Captain America, it makes sense that he sports a clean shaven face; he's back to where he started, full circle- Steve Rogers FOREVER.  Fortunately for us, Chris Evans seems to be okay with having a beard in real life and I cannot be more thankful.

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Just look at it.

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Could it be more perfect?

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Heart eyes emoji.

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That smile. My heart!

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I'm gonna need a moment.