This certainly isn't the first time the NCAA has screwed up, but Florida State wasn't actually bowl eligible this year. Despite this, they are scheduled to face Southern Mississippi in the Independence Bowl next week. Here we go, follow the logic from a Reddit user

For an FCS opponent to be countable towards bowl eligibility, the FCS program must have awarded at least 90% of the FCS scholarship limit. After our own investigation, we have determined and confirmed that Delaware State has not met the 90% threshold set by the NCAA. As a result, Florida State’s bowl countable record is 5-6, thus making them ineligible for a bowl game this season. At present, there are three other bowl eligible teams that were not offered a game and it would be unprecedented for a team to go bowling without either eligibility or a waiver while teams who are eligible stay home.


Now you might be thinking that this isn't that big of a deal because it comes from a Reddit user, but the NCAA has confirmed their own mistake. And there are three teams out there that were bowl eligible that didn't make it to a bowl.

Those three schools? Buffalo, UTSA, and Western Michigan. So while you might think this isn't that big of a deal, imagine you are one of these schools, and it took a random Reddit user to point out that one bowl spot was filled erroneously.

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