A mother in New Zealand has reportedly named her three children 'Metallica,' 'Slayer' and 'Pantera.'

The news has come from documentary filmmaker and actor David Farrier, who hosts the Dark Tourist series on Netflix. Across four posts on Twitter, he revealed a bit more about what he had discovered (the online article is hidden behind a paywall) and that he was, at first, skeptical about the whole ordeal, namely because the Metallica album title ...And Justice For All was apparently used in the naming process for one of the children.

The documentarian and journalist took these suspicions one step further and directly reached out to New Zealand's Registrar-General to inquire about restrictions on birth names, to which he learned that album titles were fair game for naming a newborn.

"“There are no restrictions on naming babies after bands or albums, as long as the word used is not generally considered to be offensive or does not resemble an official rank or title," the Registrar-General verified. "This particular baby was registered in 2009 by the previous Registrar-General," he added and also clarified. "A similar application made today is likely to also be approved."

That means 'Metallica' has either turned 12 years old this year or will at some point throughout the rest of the year.

Farrier also noted that he has personally viewed the birth certificates of the three children, meaning he has confirmed that they are indeed named after three of metal's most famous bands.

"It's not easy raising three of the heaviest bands," the unnamed mother, who can be seen wielding a crossbow below, told Farrier.

Perhaps one day 'Metallica,' 'Slayer' and 'Pantera' will arrange a playdate with the baby that was evidently named Korn after a hospital made an error on a birth certificate earlier this year.

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