Are you a fan of Marvel Comics? If not, you probably have someone on your Christmas list who is. All this week, the Buzz Adams Morning Show is giving away yearlong subscriptions to Marvel: Unlimited. It’s total access to all of Marvel’s online catalogue of comic books. There are over 20 thousand comic books in the database and they add more every single week. It’s got comics going back to Fantastic Four #1 right on up to one’s there were on comic store shelfs in 2018. Hulk? They’ve got a bunch. X-Men? Oodles. Squirrel Girl? You know it.

“How do I win this amazing prize?”, I can hear you asking your computer screen. It’s very simple. Listen to the Buzz Adams Morning Show this week from 6 am to 10 am. We’ll announce a contest which will be laughably simple for a real comics fan (and still pretty simple for even a casual fan). Win the contest and we’ll hook you up with 12 months of Marvel: Unlimited access, normally a $7o value. Not bad!

On a personal note, I read Marvel Comics (never D.C.) up until I was about 16 years old. Then, when they started making these AMAZING movie adaptations about 10 years ago, I got interested again. Only, I was embarrassed, as a middle age man, to go into a comic shop (they don’t really sell comics at the grocery or convenience store anymore). So, I got the Marvel Comics app and downloaded comics that way. What…an….incredible….IMPROVEMENT! Reading comics on my IPAD is sooooo much better than the old way. I don’t have to squint, the display goes from panel to panel instead of page to page, AND I don’t have to buy lots of mylar bags and hope my mom doesn’t sell all my comics in a garage sale for $10 like she did my sophomore year of college. There’s still unresolved tension between us over that.

So, listen this week and next week to win Marvel: Unlimited access from the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Or, if you don’t win but you still want to get the Unlimited access you can just go to and give a Christmas present to yourself!

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