Monday is the day we feature a weekly Mash Up during the Buzz Adams Morning Show. Two great bands do NOT always equal one great Mashup. But today’s Mashup features the greatest band of the 1960s and the greatest band of the 1970s. I guess I probably should have written “ARGUABLY the greatest band”. But I didn’t.

Here are a few interesting facts about the songs in today’s Mashup: the two songs came out within a year of each other. Helter Skelter was on the Beatles White Album which came out in November of 1968. Whole Lotta Love was from Zeppelin II which came out in October of 1969.

Whole Lotta Love was one of the songs that Led Zeppelin had to go back and give a song writing credit for. In 1985, a lawsuit forced a settlement to blues artist Willie Dixon and a songwriting credit for Dixon because Zeppelin’s version was a little TOO close to Dixon’s “You Need Love”. But, hey! At least Whole Lotta Love didn’t inspire an insane cult leader to send his followers out on a murder rampage.

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