In-game attendees got rowdy in the mosh pit during this past weekend's Block by Blockwest music festival. The virtual event took place within the online game Minecraft, and moshing concertgoers replicated real-world rituals such as the "Wall of Death" during a set from hardcore punkers Knocked Loose.

Indie rock act Courier Club organized the event, and artists including Fever 333, Pussy Riot and Grandson all took part during the May 16 music fest in the game's blocky, 3D world. But it was performances by Knocked Loose and emo rapper nothing,nowhere. that got the most notice for their lively moshing displays.

Watch the videos down toward the bottom of this post.

On Twitter, political consultant and avid metal fan Jordan Uhl shared evidence of the brutal mosh pit from Knocked Loose's BXBW appearance. "Just witnessed a wall of death happen in Minecraft," he said. (Watch Knocked Loose's set in the YouTube stream below — it starts about halfway through the video.)

But the Kentucky-based metalcore mavens weren't the only ones to inspire some virtual slam dancing during the Minecraft music festival. Fellow Twitter user Bethany Crystal pointed out that a frenzied mosh pit also erupted during nothing,nowhere.'s Block by Blockwest performance.

"No one is doing it like [nothing,nowhere.]," the viewer relayed. "For the first time in my life, I saw a circle pit in Minecraft. And I quote my son who said, 'This is a dream come true.'"

Who says a virtual concert can't be as exciting as the real thing?

As reported by Variety, Block by Blockwest was arranged as a "cheeky twist" on the South by Southwest festivals usually held in Austin, Texas, each year. In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, 2020's SXSW was canceled — along with many other live music events set for this spring and summer.

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