The allegations of sexual misconduct levied against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein have spurred a litany of confessions of sexual abuse not just from celebrities, but everyone around the world. When Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich sat down with 92Y (video below) for a career-spanning interview, he discussed the "long overdue" conversation that began because of Weinstein's actions, adding that there will be a reckoning "everywhere," not just in Hollywood, but added a dose of caution to his words.

"Everywhere is going to have a reckoning and I think the great thing is that we're in the first inning of this, and, obviously, it's long overdue," said Ulrich (transcription via Blabbermouth) when asked if the music industry will see something similar to what's currently happening in Hollywood. He noted it is a "great, great thing" to see the number of people coming forward with their story and that everyone "feels safe in talking about their experiences, and that, as a victim in any kind of situation, that you don't feel that you have to carry it yourself, that you have a platform and that you can feel safe in there."

Noting the double-edged nature of this conversation, Ulrich added that the "part that becomes questionable" is "when it becomes a trial in the court of public opinion." The drummer went on to state that "at some point" an accusation will not be truthful and can have a damaging effect. "And when that happens, you're going to get into… Basically, what's happening is you go straight to execution." He hopes that when a false accusation does occur "that we can find ways to, sort of, navigate as a society, media just through that and hopefully that we make the best choices. Because that is in front of us at some point."

The reckoning in the music industry has already begun as the Nashville-based publicist Kirt Webster of Webster Public Relations has been accused of sexual assault by country singer Austin Rick. Rick detailed a story of sexual assault, coercion and being drugged, leading a number of artists, including high-profile country stars, to sever ties with Webster. Kid Rock (who released a statement) and Staind's Aaron Lewis are also among those who no longer use Webster PR.

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