Should the Mayhem Festival come back? That's what co-founder John Reese asked fans Tuesday. The events producer pondered the heavy metal fest's possible return in a post to the brand's Facebook page — see it below. The last time the Mayhem Festival occurred was summer 2015, when Slayer and King Diamond shared the main stage with Hellyeah and the Devil Wears Prada on a month-long stretch of North American dates.

Back then, Reese signaled the end of Mayhem after a successful annual run stretching back to 2008. The event's inaugural year featured Slipknot, Disturbed and Mastodon. After "spending [eight] calendar years of passion and one full year of my life on the road with the festival," he indicated at the time, 2015 would likely serve as the festival's concluding tour. But now, Reese has one simple question for concertgoers:

"Should it come back"? the promoter simply asked. The inquiry was met with many responses from Mayhem Festival fans on social media, many of which offered a positive response to the event's feasible reappearance.

In 2015, the fanfare surrounding the fest took a hit when fellow Mayhem co-founder Kevin Lyman (also of Warped Tour fame) told Detroit Free Press that metal was in trouble, saying the music genre "got gray, bald and fat."

Naturally, that comment caused consternation among metal fans, coloring the festival's seeming end with a note of disenchantment. But maybe Mayhem will come back just in time to show that metal's still alive — and thriving.

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