Mastodon may make some seriously awesome music, but the guys don't always take themselves so seriously. Not long after we got a trailer of a masked and vocally disguised band member (believed to be Brann Dailor) talking circles about how he can't reveal any details about their next album, a second trailer featuring Troy Sanders has popped up, discussing how he prepares for new music.

"Some would say I prepare for a record similar to a Navy Seal, a Marine. I feel the need to get into the paint, take on the role of 'Hey, I've got a huge task in front of me.' I set my goals, I focus. I let nothing bother me. Horse shades, straight ahead," says the singer-bassist. The clip finds Sanders donning camouflage gear and paint and showing his "military skills" at blending in the forested environs. Is Troy prepared for the new Mastodon album? Watch the video above and see.

While the clip is a humorous way to tease the upcoming album, there are a few details that have already surfaced. The band recorded the album last year with producer Brendan O'Brien and while it was initially rumored to be a double disc release, Dailor confirmed to us that the band honed it down to a single album. The band has tapped into a conceptual theme revolving around cancer and a journey through the desert, and the disc is expected to arrive at some point this spring.

In addition, Mastodon will be hitting the road this spring, playing dates with Eagles of Death Metal and Russian Circles. You can find out more about the tour here.

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