I can tell it’s getting close to Christmas because Brandon sent me a Christmas Mashup for Mashup Monday.

Today’s Mashup comes to us from Exightly. Exightly isn’t as well-known as some of our other Mashup contributors like DJ Earworm and DJ Schmoli. They have fewer than 3,000 followers on YouTube whereas some of the most popular Masher Uppers have nearly a million subscribers.

The Monday Mashup today is called “Don’t Stop Christmas Now” and it features Mariah Carey and Queen.

Pay attention to the transition between Freddie Mercury’s vocal sustain and into Mariah’s high note. It’s so perfect it’s almost seamless!

It’s kind of bittersweet, though, seeing two beloved artists who are no longer with us: the late Freddie Mercury and the Still Hot and Coherent Mariah Carey. Both of them are sorely, sorely missed by their fans.

Enjoy today’s Mashup and, if you enjoy this kind of stuff, support the Mashup artists by subscribing to their pages on Youtube and their social media.

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