If you were an aspiring rapper, you could probably think of lots of ways to get someone in the industry's attention.

  1. Having talent
  2. Hard work
  3. Making connections with people in the industry at concerts and events

Huh, robbing a Wingstop didn't even come to my mind. But that thought did to an aspiring rapper in Memphis. Cedric Miller, 23, decided the best way for him to get the attention of Rick Ross, was to rob a Wingstop, that Ross may or may not actually own.

Back in 2012, Ross did have at least one ribbon cutting ceremony at a Wingstop he owns. But it's not clear if he owned this specific Wingstop or not. Of course, does it really matter?

"Hey Rick, someone tried to rob one of your Wingstops. It was a kid who wants to be a rapper."

"Yeah? Let's sign him. He's clearly got talent."

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