Players, team owners, the commissioner, and union reps are all gathering together to come to terms with COVID-19.

Now this is not going to be a season of baseball that we're used to, a lot of changes will occur.

1. The season would be shortened from 162 games to 82.

2. There would be 14 teams in playoffs instead of just 10.

3. No one would be allowed to attend the games, they would be filmed in empty stadiums.

4. Teams would be limited to 30 players.

5. Every team would have a designated hitter as oppose to just the American League.

6. If states do not allow players to play due to laws in place, they are prepared to move that team to another city for the time being.

7. In order for players to be as safe as possible, the teams would play those in their region. The Los Angeles Dodgers, would not play the New York Mets for instance. Just to prevent traveling long distances.

They are aiming for an early July start date. Get more details HERE.

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