Machine Gun Kelly expertly navigated a switch from rap and hip-hop to pop-punk and now he's crossing over into a new industry, continuing to work on his brand having just launched UN/DN LAQR, a gender neutral line of nail polish.

Anyone with a vigilant eye has likely noticed that MGK's nails are routinely a spectacle and highly decorated. On occasion, they've even adopted the appearance of being a feasible weapon — extra long and sharpened to a point, coming dangerously close to literally being nine inch nails.

Considering the UN/DN LAQR brand had been "incubating for over a year," per MGK in an Instagram post, all this fingernail flair has been a subtly brilliant way to build up to this announcement.

The brand launched with 10 color shades bearing snappy names such as "Depressionist" (black) and "Slippery When Wet" (pink), which retail for $18 individually. Trio sets are also available for purchase for $52 and an $86 kit option includes six shades as well as a cleanup and art brush. Head here to buy.

"Many of the men in Greek mythology were warriors or soldiers or gods who had used their strength, and then there was Cupid, who was poetic and beautiful," MGK (real name Colson Baker) told Allure in an interview about his gender neutral nail polish line.

"I wonder what a world of Cupids [would] look like instead of just people falling into what they think we have to be as 'men.' Strength comes in how you honor your word, not what you literally can do with your hands," he added, "That's an art."

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