Looks like Travis Barker has another musical associate who believes in extraterrestrial existence. Machine Gun Kelly was a guest on The Late Late Show With James Corden (with Barker joining him for the musical performance) and he opened up about his experiences with potential alien life.

Corden references "Concert for Aliens" that Kelly and Barker would perform before asking of the musician's beliefs. Kelly confessed, "Homie, I saw life on this planet that was from another planet two nights ago, over a lake in Thousand Oaks. A red orb came out of nowhere, went and disappeared again."

This wasn't Kelly's first experience in this area as he continued, "I was in Bora Bora a week before that Hawaiian blue orb over the Pacific or whatever. Bora Bora is also in the Pacific and I saw that same exact orb that they were talking about in Hawaii and I saw the exact same thing fly by and disappear over a mountain. They're out here."

Kelly mused about aliens watching over the planet, calling it "the best reality show ever for anyone not living on this earth." He and Corden then made a pact that if they were confronted with the reality of alien life, that they'd navigate it together. "If I end up getting swooped up by an alien, I'll look at them and say, 'There's one stop we gotta make,'" stated Kelly.

See the full interview and the "Concert for Aliens" performance from The Late Late Show With James Corden below.

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