Earlier this week the New York Post decided it needed to make adults dressing up for Halloween an actual issue. The reason? My guess is they were looking for clicks. Or they're bored. But just how many people will be dressing up this year? Well, here are some random stats about Halloween this year, courtesy of a Goodwill poll.

  • 51% of us are interested in wearing a costume this year.
  • 16% are also planning to put their pet in a costume. I used to think this was awful until I met my girlfriend and her dog. He actually likes wearing costumes. Seriously, just hold one out and he runs right to it.
  • 40% of people who are dressing up will start putting their costume together by next week at the latest. Almost half of those people said they've already started.
  • The 3 most popular themes this year are funny costumes, unique costumes, and sexy costumes. What other kind of costumes are there?
  • If you're trying to hook up on Halloween, a unique costume might be better than a sexy one.  27% of people said a one-of-a-kind costume would make the best impression. But, sexy costumes and funny costumes each got 20% of the vote.

Video courtesy of blabclub

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