If there was ever a visual representation of you vs. 2020, this might be it.

Little Maria was primed and ready to celebrate her birthday, but her older sister had other plans. Just before Maria could exhale, her sister blew out the candles on her birthday cake and what happened next has catapulted the girls into overnight internet fame.

The younger sister wasted no time showing her emotions and she was HOT. Little Maria grabbed her sister's hair and it was ON! But the best part of the whole ordeal was the series of facial expressions that followed the mini-brawl which have now resulted in a bountiful series of memes that have been nothing short of priceless.

The viral reaction was so crazy that Gabriela Aureluk, the mother of the two young girls, had to take down the video from her Instagram. Aureluk did share photos of the little girls on her Instagram Story, explaining they were sisters and all was good in the end (they even enjoyed the infamous birthday cake together!).

We hope this 3-year-old understands the joy that her sister's birthday "jealousy" has gifted the world.

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