UPDATE: Limp Bizkit released their 'Still Sucks' album Sunday afternoon (Oct. 31). Have a listen in the Spotify player at the bottom of this post.

Limp Bizkit have mastered the art of the tease this year as they lead up to what will be a Halloween release of their new album, Still Sucks. The title was confirmed by the band through social media, where the cover art was unveiled alongside a bizarre video teaser which previewed a handful of new song clips.

Still Sucks will be the first new album from the nu-metal icons since 2011's Gold Cobra and fans already got a small sample of the 12-track platter with "Dad Vibes," the debut single which came on the heels of a viral performance at Lollapalooza where singer Fred Durst showcased his new image, outfitted in clothing befitting of aging fathers, complete with a grey wig to coincide with the song's... uh... vibe.

Since, Durst has laid low on social media, popping up seemingly at random, but it's all part of the master plan. He polled fans on whether Limp Bizkit should release another new song or if they should just drop the entire record and even tabbed rapper Snoop Dogg to ask fans the same thing. Then, pieces of the album cover, which can be seen in full further down the page, began appearing on social media, all building up to the Halloween release.

In a new teaser video with an unknown character dubbed 'Jake Bacon,' fans get a glimpse of what else the album will sound, which Bacon promises starts with "a crazy riff" and that when you listen to it, "you want to put your head in, like, a speaker tornado." The bass? It's gonna give you "the brown note" according to Bacon, who affirmed "it's gonna blow your poop out of your butt," so if you spent the last year-and-a-half hoarding toilet paper, your supply may begin to dwindle come Halloween.

He even hinted at a boy band-style track on Still Sucks.

The song clips only last for a couple seconds, but it's enough to get an idea of the wide-range of sounds in play on what is one of 2021's most anticipated albums. Watch that teaser directly below and look for Still Sucks to be released on Sunday (Oct. 31).

Jake Bacon Teases New Limp Bizkit Video in 'Review' Video

Limp Bizkit, Limp Bizkit Still Sucks Album Art + Track Listing

Limp Bizkit, 'Limp Bizkit Still Sucks'
Suretone Records

01. “Out Of Style”
02. “Dirty Rotten Bizkit”
03. “Dad Vibes”
04. “Turn It Up, Bitch”
05. “Don’t Change”
06. “You Bring Out The Worst In Me”
07. “Love The Hate”
08. “Barnacle”
09. “Empty Hole”
10. “Pill Popper”
11. “Snacky Poo”
12. “Goodbye”

Limp Bizkit, Still Sucks Album

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