For those wondering if you'd ever see Limp Bizkit's '90s lineup back onstage together, your "faith" has been paid off. The band announced a special performance coming this Tuesday (March 5) at the Troubadour in West Hollywood that is touting the band's "original lineup" will be performing.

"Three Dollar Show, Y'all" proclaimed the poster for the concert, which allowed fans to purchase tickets on Friday for a mere $3. Those were of course snapped up fast. The thematic tie-in relates to their 1997 debut disc, Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$. It has yet to be revealed whether or not the band could play the album in full, but it's a safe bet that there will at least be some material from that disc, which gave us such favorites as "Counterfeit" and their cover of George Michael's "Faith."

Limp Bizkit's lineup has been somewhat fluid in recent years, with DJ Lethal being in and out of the band and back in, while bassist Sam Rivers has been spearheading the new group Sleepkillers of late with ex-Puddle of Mudd member Damien Starkey. While there were other Limp Bizkit members prior to the Three Dollar Bill, Y'all album, that disc featured Fred Durst on vocals, Wes Borland on guitar, Rivers on bass, Lethal on the turntables and John Otto on drums. Those five members were responsible for the most successful period in the band's history.

These are busier times for Limp Bizkit, who will remain in the Los Angeles area, heading down the highway to Costa Mesa on March 9 to headline Travis Barker's MusInk festival lineup next Saturday. They've also been working on new music.

Back in November, guitarist Wes Borland revealed that the band was starting on new music. Unfortunately California's wildfires led to some scrambling, with Fred Durst's home being among those lost, which briefly led to a delay in the proceedings. But by early December, Borland started showing short clips and photos of his work in the studio.

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