It should be safe to say that I know I'm not the only one who needs to visit my hairstylist. Some of my girlfriends and dude friends are also feeling the struggle. My dude friends got desperate enough to hand over the clippers/scissors to their chick. I had a tad bit of a gut feeling that some of my dude friends were going to regret it. Sure enough, a few dude friends that had been having relationship problems clearly showed. You can show us your struggle and possibly win free haircuts for a year.

Now we're not the only ones suffering without that fresh new cut and look. I believe our furry family members have it worse than us though. They have it worse since they have a thick coat of hair all over their bodies in this heat. The type of dogs that usually need to be groomed would be the shaggy ones. If you're avoiding certain visits that use to be routine during these times is understanding. If you leave your shaggy dogs outside the least you can do is learn how to give them a trim. A channel eHow on YouTube uploaded some easy to follow instructions on grooming your dog.

Just think though by you learning how to groom your dog will be a major benefit financially. You can save that money putting it towards one of your few bills. Another option is you can put that grooming money towards extra doggie treats. Put some use to your time in quarantine learning what could be a new hobby. If you're going to try it out don't forget the peanut butter.

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