Metallica's Lars Ulrich is one hard partier. That's according to the drummer's onetime friend and comedian Jim Breuer. But it seems the Half Baked star couldn't keep up with the rocker during a night on the town.

"I used to hang out with him until one disastrous night when he decided I wasn't up to his partying standard," Breuer recalled on The Howard Stern Show in 2009. At the same time, the funnyman (and musician in his own right) showed off his hilarious impression of the Metallica co-founder.

"Lars, first of all, [is] a great guy — we would hang out," Breuer told Stern. "He's brilliant; he's really brilliant. He was living in New York for a while, and he's like, [affecting Lars' voice] 'Jim, if you're playing some clubs, let's fuckin' go downtown, we'll hang out for the night. You going to hang out?'"

The pair did indeed meet up. However, when the comedian happened upon a backpack full of schoolbooks, he hung onto it to return to the student the next day. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be Ulrich's idea of fun.

"This rubs Lars the wrong way," Breuer remembered. "[He said] 'Dude, why would you fuckin' carry a fuckin' knapsack with us all night? It's ridiculous. Get rid of the fuckin' knapsack, huh?' So, I've got this stupid thing, and it's starting to slowly irritate him."

The comedian continued, "Now, he's starting to drink a little. We've drank before; I'd just never seen the wild, wild side. You know, we've hung out and moshed on busses. … But I never really saw this side [of him]."

After the two visited a nightclub, an apparently intoxicated Ulrich took the backpack and "tosses it across the street," Breuer explained. "The thing slams by some chick's foot, book scatter all over. He's going, 'Huh! Here's your fuckin' knapsack! Fuck that kid; he's fuckin' irresponsible!'"

The pair then ended up in an exclusive venue attended by Hollywood's A-list before the comedian called it a night around 2AM. But even leaving at that hour was inexcusable, it seemed, for Ulrich — the Metallica member who, according to this account, walked into oncoming traffic just for fun.

"I swear to you, if they wrote this scene in a movie, you'd go, 'This is a little over the top,'" Breuer said. "He stepped on the back of a car, walked along the windshield, over the top, down on the hood."

Still, the comedian's early exit seemed to have been the last straw for Ulrich. And, evidently, the Metallica drummer continued to get his party on.

"Couldn't get him on the phone after that night," Breuer added.

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