Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia has written a heart wrenching message to fans while reflecting on her 2017. In her statement, Scabbia reveals that both her parents passed away in 2017 and alludes to a breakup between herself and Slipknot guitarist Jim Root.

Like many of us, Scabbia experienced a rollercoaster 2017. Lacuna Coil toured hard throughout the year, hitting dozens of cities in North and South America, along with countries like Russia, Slovakia, Malta and Serbia. Touring off their 2016 Delirium album, Lacuna Coil had another successful year, but Cristina Scabbia’s life was riddled with tragic challenges.

The Italian metal songstress posted to Facebook on Dec. 29:

The beginning of a new year is very, very close.
I find myself thinking about everything that happened to me in 2017.So many things have happened.
In few months I have lost both my parents, the two human beings I loved the most in the entire universe, the ones who always supported me and made me who I am today and will guide me until the end of my days.
I have ended a very long relationship who fulfilled 13 years of my existence and my heart.
I have spent incredible moments with Lacuna coil, working on a record that was very successful and lots of people appreciated, touring the world, meeting lots of new fans.
I have lost lots of precious lives, around me.
I shared laughs and tears with my friends.I know more than ever how much I care about them.
I like to think that everything happens for a reason.Even the most heartbreaking experiences taught me so much and gave me this feeling of... almost being invincible.
I know that the most important things in life can’t be purchased, I know love is all around me, I know I have an army of friends that I love to death, I have lots of great plans for 2018.
Most of all I do know happiness starts from the inside, regardless of what is happening on the outside.
I wish you all a great end of the year and may 2018 be bright and full of inspiration

Though Scabbia doesn’t call Jim Root by name, the two musicians began their relationship in 2004, matching the 13-year time period Scabbia mentioned.

We’d like to send our deepest condolences to Cristina Scabbia and her loved ones who were also affected by the death of her parents. We hope Scabbia continues to find strength and success throughout 2018 and onward.

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