KISS’ farewell tour (seriously, they mean it this time) will apparently conclude in late 2022. According to longtime manager Doc McGhee, the "End of the Road" tour will not stretch into 2023.

The "End of the Road" tour was originally meant to wrap up in New York City on July 17, 2021, but the COVID pandemic pushed those plans back. Like many acts, KISS are finally back on the road, and assuming no cancellations take place, they’ll only be on the road for another year.

"So it looks like the last show of KISS as you know it, with Gene [Simmons] and Paul [Stanley], will be some time at the end of next year,” McGhee tells Talking Metal. “We don't have a locked in date yet. Because of what's going on, it's very difficult for people to hold dates because we don't even know if we're gonna be able to play. So we're trying to hold dates. But it will be next year.”

"We wanna get through what we said," Doc continues. "The guys wanted to play to everybody. It meant we'll go to your town, big or small. We're not the red-carpet band that you have to come out. We've always been the people's band in the sense that the KISS Army that supported us for all these years, we go to all the little towns to play."

Doc McGhee on Talking Metal

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley recently told Eddie Trunk that he’s open to joining the reunion tour “if the money’s right.” "I'm on good terms with Paul and Gene," Frehley affirmed, "which is nice, because we created something really special in the early '70s that has outlasted so many other bands. And God bless 'em. They're still doing it; I'm still doing it. Peter [Criss] is still around. I'm not quite sure why Peter hadn't toured over the years as much as I have, but it is what it is."

For the full list of KISS’ End of the Road tour dates, click here.

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