It's often said that you should never meet your heroes because you can end up severely disappointed. For a kid named Dylan, that couldn't be further from the truth. He shared a heartwarming story on TikTok about the time he met Dave Grohl, and how awesome he was.

"This wasn't just a celebrity, this was my idol," Dylan said at the start of the video. He was once out to eat at a crab shack in Delaware with his family when he caught a glimpse of the Nirvana and Foo Fighters legend.

"I was in such disbelief that it kind of took me a while to realize who it was, but when I did, I was so overwhelmed that I just started crying and I buried my head in the table," he continued.

He then heard his mother say to someone, "Oh don't worry, he's just a really big fan, he's okay."

Grohl patted Dylan on the back and then sat down with him and his family. The rocker spent about 20 minutes with them and then told Dylan to say goodbye to him before he left.

When Dylan was leaving the restaurant, he noticed a group of fans trying to meet and take pictures with Grohl, but the musician approached him once again and encouraged him to keep playing the guitar.

"Changed my life," Dylan concluded, sharing a photo of him with his hero. Watch the full video below.

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