You may or may not have heard that John Travolta is starring in a film directed by the one and only Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. What may come as a surprise is that the actor is an expert fan of the nu-metal band, too.

The Fanatic is a new film directed by Durst, starring Travolta as an obsessive fan who stalks a movie star. Apparently Travolta is a stan in real life, too — of Limp Bizkit that is. He was easily able to guess which Bizkit song specific lyrics were from in a new video with Consequence of Sound.

He doesn't even give the guy a chance to finish reading the lyrics the second time around, before cutting him off and saying, "I know this." Watch the video below.

Durst has directed a few films before, but this one is based on a real experience. The Fanatic tells the story of a guy named Moose whose obsessed fandom eventually turns dark and dangerous.

“I didn’t know Fred could write this well, I didn’t know he could direct as well, and he blew my mind," Travolta recently told 11 Alive. "He knew this guy Moose that’s actually loosely based on a real guy and he wrote it with me in mind...He just knew I could portray this guy.”

The Fanatic will have a brief run in theaters starting Aug. 30, and then will be available to stream on Amazon.

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