Joe Thomas is a no doubt Hall of Famer. He's also going to enter Canton with arguably the worst record of any, ever. Just take a look at some of these numbers when it comes to Thomas.

  • Joe's 11 year career wrapped up with an overall record of 48 and 128.
  • The New England Patriots have 45 wins since 2015.
  • In his whole career, Thomas spent just 20 weeks above .500, with 10 of those games coming in his first season when the team went 10 and 6. And they still missed the playoffs
  • His last two seasons in Cleveland were epically bad, going 1 and 31.
  • The Browns lost 41 of his last 43 games.

Despite all these negative numbers, here are some individual numbers that shine for Thomas.

  • He was a 10 time Pro Bowler.
  • Thomas made 7 All-Pro teams.
  • He holds the NFL record for most consecutive snaps played at 10, 362. Yeah, that's snaps played, not games or series. SNAPS. Ever damn play on offense.

So, Thomas is a sure fire Hall of Famer, but the Browns teams he was on will go down as the worst stretch for a franchise ever. I mean, no other franchise has posted less than two wins in a season, ever. Let alone doing it in back to back season.

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