If you haven’t gotten caught up in the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo craze you should at least know what it is because SO MANY people are way into it.

It’s the hottest show on Netflix right now and the host is a professional organizer from Japan. It’s all about “decluttering” and Marie Kondo has a proven method that she shares with views. Kondo’s method involves taking a full inventory of everything you have and asking yourself about each item, “Does this bring joy to my life?”.

The “does if bring you joy” method isn’t original to Marie Kondo. I think it goes back hundreds of years to the practices of Shinto monks. I KNOW that it goes back to at least 2017 because The Simpsons had an episode about it.


“Tidying Up” is insanely popular right now so we thought it would be fun to apply the konmarie method to our own Morning Show host, Buzz “Could be on Hoarders if he didn’t hire a housekeeper” Adams.

Joanna and Brandon have gathered a big pile of useless junk from Buzz’s studio. One by one, they want to know if each item brings joy. Let’s see if Buzz is willing to let anything go or if we need to call the A&E Network.


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