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Patrick Mahomes' little brother, Jackson Mahomes, has 1 million followers and over 35,000,000 likes on TikTok, but nearly every comment section on his posts is full of hate. Despite possibly being the most hated man on TikTok, he doesn't seem to mind.

Mahomes' TikTok mostly consists of videos of him dancing or supporting his older brother at his football games. He's just being a normal guy in his early 20s, making TikToks for fun. He just happens to have a celebrity brother.

Of course anyone in the public eye receives hate, but it goes to a new extreme with the hate Mahomes receives. His comment section is always full of people trying to bring him down for the way he looks, dresses, acts and more.

Here are a few examples of comments you commonly see on Jackson's TikTok videos:

  • "Still hasn't hit puberty" - @russelman
  • "Brother's money much?" - @nolimitskibri5522ioi14
  • "Pat get yo sister bruh" - @lil_trey324
  • "I fell more nauseous watching this than the game." - @kristina.kwitz

Those kinds of petty comments are tolerable, but they get even more extreme and disgusting than that:

  • "HEY JACKSON!! Big fan here, for your next video you should try the skydiving without a parachute challenge." - @eli_apple_fanpage
  • "You really are so brave, don't give up, whatever disease you have you can beat it" - @teaguequila
  • "MAHOMO NOOOOO" - @preston.schoen

I'm sorry if your life is so insufferable that you feel the need to bring others down to make yourself feel better, but it's not a good look. It's okay if you don't like Jackson Mahomes or you don’t agree with his way of life, but that doesn’t mean wishing death upon someone or using homophobic slurs is okay.

Jackson, keep being you. People will always find a reason to hate you, but that shouldn’t stop you from being true to yourself. Keep on dancing, and let the haters hate.

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