There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who wait for the 'need gas' light to come on and those who fill up the moment that gauge hits half full. Lucky for me, I have 2 sons, in fact that is exactly why I had children to be pump my gas when they were old enough to. I kid, I kid.


Clearly, you can tell right away which one I am. On a hot summer day the last thing I want to do is pull over and fill up, although the alternative can be said for the cold winter months. Ok I'm just plain lazy and filling up with gas is not my favorite thing to do. I typically hit up the gas station on fumes.

So check this out, I am NOT alone. According to a recent AAA survey, 24 million (11 percent) of American drivers continue to drive after the low fuel warning light turns on.

I knew I was not the only one! I'm telling you, once I get to this point, I start freaking out wondering if 'I'm going to make it.' lol Which are you? Do you not let your gas tank lower than half or are you like me, wait for the gas light to come on?

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