Let's call this the 'you know you love your kids when.....' blog. This girl has been busy since school let out a few weeks ago. My little one has been wanting a more 'grown up' room because she has outgrown her little kid bedroom, so here we go, momma to the rescue doing something I loathe.  

Something that I HATE to do, with a passion..paint. My child got a fresh coat (or 2) of paint in her new room and that's when you know I loooooove her. lol Even when I was at the store picking out colors, I thought to myself, 'am I really doing this?' Let me clarify, my idea of painting in the past has always been grabbing a couple of cans of spray paint and going to town. (I get that from my momma)

Roller With Purple Paint

Did I grab painter's tape, mark off baseboards and corners nice and neat before we got started? Slap on a coat of primer? All a big nope. When I say I painted, I did the absolute least amount of work I could, just to get by. I thought since I had not painted in a very long time, I might actually enjoy doing it now...also nope.

I probably need the name of some professionals who are actually good at it and who enjoy it from now on, because my painting days are over.

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