South Padre Island, Texas just experienced their first shark attack in five years over Fourth of July when the same enormous shark is believed to have stalked and taken chunks out of four different people trying to enjoy the holiday with their friends and family in an area of the Gulf of Mexico not known for shark dangers.

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According to this Fox News article, a North Texas woman pretty much lost an entire leg while her husband was also bitten multiple times attempting to bring her to shore, and simultaneously fight off the shark as it pursued his wife.

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Not only are shark attacks generally seldom in this area, but authorities believe the same large shark was responsible for biting four people as thousands were forced to seek safety upon the beach during their Fourth of July.

Enormous Shark Attacks Several People In The Texas Waters

Holidays like spring break, Memorial Weekend, and Fourth of July obviously see a mass influx in beach visitors, and that seems to be when the majority of the shark attacks take place.

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Lately, the news of gators visiting Texas beaches has also spawned some anxiety with water enthusiasts, but alligators generally only visit salt water briefly, and that is usually isolated to the waters near Louisiana.

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This First Aid Pro article details what you should do in the event of a shark attack. The most important news in all of this chaos is that all four victims of this particular shark are on the road to recovery.

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