There's so many types of food in the state of Texas.

To list them all would take up this entire page. From Mexican to Japanese, the choices feel somewhat endless. So, picking what to eat when you go out is always tough.

Thankfully, data exists for all restaurants in the state so we know where the best of the best is. In addition, reviews help separate where everyone is going and isn't going. So what is the food we'll be discussing today you ask?

Well, we've all probably had it recently, and most everyone loves it. It's none other than Italian food! But instead of the best, we'll be looking at the other end of the list: the worst.

Have You Eaten The Worst Italian Food In Texas?

So according to 24/7WallSt, the worst Italian food in the Lone Star State is probably a place many have visited many times in their life, or perhaps even recently. So what could it be?

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Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

The data has revealed that Olive Garden has taken the number one spot on the list. But how did it end up there? Well, a lot, and as reported by 24/7WallSt, of bad reviews.

As described by 24/7WallSt: "The endless pages of complaints about bad food are hard to miss. Between cold lasagna, too creamy Fettuccine, and disappointing desserts, it’s hard to recommend Olive Garden to anyone."

But, there is one big positive for the eatery, and it's the breadsticks obviously. 24/7WallSt described them as a "cult phenomenon."

So if you love Olive Garden, apologies for the bad news.

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