With the release of Static-X's Project: Regeneration Vol. 2, fans will experience the last of Wayne Static's remaining recordings and, in celebration of his legacy, we've invited frontman Xer0 to name his favorite song off each of the band's eight albums.

As its title indicates, Project: Regeneration Vol. 2 is the second installment of an ongoing project. The pair of albums finds the band utilizing vocal tracks and song ideas Wayne Static had left behind in the wake of his tragic 2014 passing at the age of 48.

With the blessing of Wayne's family, Static-X was resurrected in 2018, with the enigmatic Xer0 paying tribute to the late founder as the band's new frontman, flanked by the classic lineup of Tony Campos (bass), Koichi Fukuda (guitar) and Ken Jay (drums).

Not only are Static-X faithfully delivering classics onstage, touring heavily in recent years and keeping the legacy in trustworthy hands for the future, but they're offering fans a sense of closure by working with Wayne's recordings to make this new music a reality.

"Z0mbie," for example, exudes the best of classic Static-X, a pulse-pounding industrial groove banger that fully embodies the band's self-professed "evil disco" aesthetic.

Static-X, "Z0mbie" Music Video

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Project: Regeneration Vol. 2 + Static-X On Tour

This year, Satic-X will embark on two more Machine Killer tour legs with co-headliners Sevendust and special guest Dope. The first jaunt kicks off on Feb. 1 and you can see all the upcoming tour dates at the Static-X website.

Get your copy of Project: Regeneration Vol. 2 here.

  • Xer0's Favorite Song Off Every Static-X Album

    Jeremy Saffer
    Jeremy Saffer
  • 'Wisconsin Death Trip' (1999) — "Wisconsin Death Trip"

    “I’m gonna go with the title track. That song is such a fucking jam!”

  • 'Machine' (2001) — "This Is Not"

    “The feels are real on this one! Touring is the ultimate dream for most artists, but it can also become a nightmare when you don’t see your own bed for months at a time..”

  • 'Shadow Zone' (2003) — "Destroy All"

    “Killer riff! Killer subject! Simple – Stupid Awesome!”

  • 'Start A War' (2005) — "I Want to Fucking Break It"

    “I think this one is an Industrial metal masterpiece and I look forward to playing it live someday.”

  • 'Cannibal' (2007) — "Chroma-Matic"

    “Just another sick jam!”

  • 'Cult of Static' (2009) — "Stingwray"

    “Always loved the line ‘Take Me Home.’”

  • 'Project: Regeneration Vol. 1' (2020) — "Otsego Placebo"

    “This is the first song that I really got to lead us into, without it being tied to any existing past Static work.”

  • 'Project: Regeneration Vol. 2' (2024) — "Blackstar"

    “I wish Wayne could have been here to finish this one with us.”