An inventive guitar player on YouTube who goes by the name of Bernth claims to have made the world's longest guitar in his latest video.

If you don't know about Bernth, a little background: The musician who also performs professionally under that name is quickly becoming one of YouTube's most entertaining musical tinkerers, as his previous videos have shown. Over just the past few months, he's built a 24-string guitar, a guitar with dental floss for strings, and even a neckless guitar. But this time around, he decided to test the length limits of traditional guitar fretboards.

Watch the video near the bottom of this post.

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"The worlds longest guitar actually sounds HEAVENLY," Bernth proclaims of the elongated axe that defies the work of conventional luthiers.

In the clip, the creative rocker lays out the different parts of the "World's Longest Guitar," as Guitar World reported. The instrument is not actually all "one" fretboard, but three fretboards in one.

That's because the first section is a regular acoustic guitar with a capo. In the middle is a fretless rubber band neck with a capo. And the final section before the headstock is a low-tuned rubber band guitar, as Bernth demonstrates.

The rocker performs his own song "Infinite" in the video in which he presents himself "cloned" three times to demonstrate all three parts of the guitar.

"Can you hear all three guitar necks in the mix?" Bernth asks his viewers. "They all add something unique to this new song,"

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Bernth's "World's Longest Guitar" Video

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