Aside from being a terrific drummer, Blink-182’s Travis Barker is known for his dedication to maintaining special dietary habits and workout routines. Perhaps it’s not too surprising, then, to see that he recently became the first musician to play live during a Peloton class, as he actively took part in the company’s newly announced Blink-182 Artist Series.

Last Wednesday (Nov. 15), Billboard exclusively revealed the debut of the fitness company’s latest endeavor, clarifying that Barker “will be drumming along to a 10-minute shadowboxing class taught by instructor Kendall Toole.” They add: “The Blink-182 Artist Series will also include other classes, including a 30-minute cycling installment, though Barker will not be drumming live during the class.”

Peloton also posted about it to their official Instagram account, as well as shared a clip of Barker’s “instructor audition tape”:

Both classes took place this past Thursday (Nov. 16) via the Peloton app.

Per Pelobuddy, the shadowboxing class’ description read: “With special guest Travis Barker! Get hooked with Kendall in a shadowboxing session fueled by the punchy, pop-punk hits of blink-182—and featuring a special drum performance by Barker, joining from his studio in California.”

Pelobuddy also specifies that this information “indicates that the class was not filmed at Peloton Studios New York (PSNY), but at Travis Barker’s studio in California. The class cuts between Travis drumming and Kendall teaching from a small stage within the studio, presenting a very unique and different feel than most Peloton classes.”

As for the 30-minute cycling course, Pelobuddy explains:

While Travis was not live in studio during Kendall’s live Blink-182 ride, that class also had some unique production aspects. [He] had pre-recorded some footage of him playing drums, and it was shown while Kendall was teaching. In some moments, there were split screen images of both Kendall & Travis – while in other places, Travis was shown full screen on the bike.

Regarding the collaboration, Barker remarked in a press statement [via Billboard]: “Being the first musician ever to perform in a Peloton class has been an epic experience. Knowing that millions of people across the globe will watch me and Kendall do our thing is super exciting.”

Likewise, Toole rejoiced: “It was an absolute thrill to teach alongside Travis. [He] is someone who I have grown up listening to who also shares my passion for movement and music so collaborating together was natural and effortless.”

You can see footage of the classes below, and see more photos here.

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While Barker is the first musician to participate in a Peloton class, it’s not the first time the fitness brand incorporated the work of a famous artist into their classes. For instance, this past September saw a 15-minute cycling class built around “the sounds of Machine Gun Kelly,” and before that, a May 2023 30-minute cycling session emphasized the tunes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Of course, Barker needs to do all he can to continue staying in shape now that he and Kourtney Kardashian recently welcomed their first child together. Plus, Blink-182 are getting ready for their  2024 international tour in support of their comeback LP: One More Time…. You can check out the full list of upcoming dates here and grab tickets here.

So, are you planning to exercise via one or both of Barker’s Peloton videos? Let us know!

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