On Friday night (April 19) — the same day of the release of their latest album, Searching For Solace — the Ghost Inside's Jonathan Vigil and Zach Johnson joined Loudwire Nights to discuss how the band's 2015 tour bus accident continues to shape their perspectives.

"We don't let it hang over our heads," Vigil said about the accident, "but it's something that is a constant reminder — I have a fused ankle and a new ACL. My back's a mess and Zach's got his various injuries."

While he admitted it's an experience they'll never get away from, Vigil added, "It gives us a whole new lease on what we're doing and a whole new lease on life.

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"It's cliche to say, but it's almost like you don't know what you have until it's gone, which is the truth...now we're coming back into this with just everything we have, because we almost didn't have it."

When Chuck asked what keeps them focused on not losing sight of that perspective, Vigil was quick to answer.

"I think a lot of it is the ethos of the band," he said.

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"We've always been an uplifting and positive band. I've really tried to use the platform for good. I told myself back when I first started doing this, if I'm ever in a position to talk to a lot of people, I want to make an impact."

Later in the conversation Johnson added, "Our fans were there through our whole recovery. They saw the struggles we had ... We had those people there with us through those hard times and now when we have these victories, like being able to put out another record, we feel like we get to share that with them."

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