Here are the rock and metal bands that have no original members left, as well as groups who have never had a single lineup change.

These contrasting qualities underscore the idea that success as a band can not just be attributed to one individual thing and that bands are very much brands. Even without any founding members left, there's power in the name and music that meets certain levels of fan expectations and satisfaction. Incredibly, some of these artists have even enjoyed their most fruitful eras after the departure of the final founding member.

On the flip side, the dozen-plus rock and metal bands who have kept their entire founding lineup intact and are among the biggest names out there. Consistency and familiarity are both positive attributes that have contributed to long-lasting success and the longer their careers continue, the more impressive a feat such as this one is.

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From the likes of Swedish melodic death metal icons In Flames (no originals) to modern hard rockers Alter Bridge (all originals), each band has managed their internal dynamics differently, but with a similar amount of skill. Replacing members is often difficult, and doing so at a somewhat frequent rate and without dipping in popularity demonstrates that the core members who remain are rather savvy.

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