Twitch and YouTube personality Nik Nocturnal is back to react to our Loud List of Stupidly Fast Guitarists.

“Guitar is a crazy instrument where people can go 1,000 BPM and their fingers get shredded off and they laugh at your face while they do it,” Nik says. “I’m excited for that, I’m excited to want to quit guitar, as I usually do and throw it off of my balcony. Let’s go.”

Nik was satisfied with Steve Vai and Herman Li being included in our list, but he was unsure if Buckethead should’ve been classified as fast of a guitarist as the previous two. “Buckethead is super dope, definitely fair to be on this list, but I don’t think above the other two.”

The YouTuber and Twitch streamer also had some kind words for Michael Angelo Batio and Jason Becker before predicting that Yngvie Malmsteen would be next up on the list. “No matter how cocky this guy is, he’s a beast at guitar,” Nik admits. “He’s the GOAT of neoclassical.”

Overall, Nik had some criticism for our list, wishing some more modern guitarists like Jason Richardson or Tim Henson had been included, but Nocturnal was cool with our No. 1 pick. See who that was and see all of Nik Nocturnal’s reactions in the video below.

Watch the full video of Nik Nocturnal reacting to wholesome death metal moments below and be sure to follow Nik Nocturnal on TwitchYouTubeTikTokInstagramTwitterFacebook and Spotify.

Nik Nocturnal Reacts to Metal's Fastest Guitarists

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