The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger showed off his wild dance moves dancing to the song "Moves Like Jagger" at a bar earlier this week.

The rock legend shared a video of himself dancing to the song in a bar where a live band was playing the track, which was originally released in 2010 by the pop group Maroon 5. According to Jagger's caption, the group that was performing was called Splash, though the location of the establishment wasn't disclosed.

"Moves like who!" the vocalist wrote.

"Dadda who put you up to this," Jagger's son Lucas commented on the clip.

The Rolling Stones frontman is 80 years old, and the moves he threw down in the video prove that he's still just as energetic as ever. According to the U.K. publication Mirror, he clocks in about 12 miles during every Rolling Stones show just from prancing around onstage.

Mick Jagger's Son Has Moves Like Jagger

The youngest of Jagger's eight children, Deveraux "Dev" Octavian Basil Jagger, certainly inherited his moves from his dancing dad. In July of 2023, a video was shared online of the youngster dancing during a Guns N' Roses concert.

One of Axl Rose's longtime friends Sasha Volkova reportedly recorded the video, as she was in the VIP section with Jagger's fiancé Melanie Hamrick, who's Dev's mother. The kiddo was rocking out by himself in the VIP section while the band played their Use Your Illusion II deep cut "Pretty Tied Up."

Not exactly a kid's song, but that's okay.

Mick Jagger Once Went Unrecognized at a Bar in North Carolina

We're not sure if anyone recognized Jagger while he was dancing the night away at the bar the other night, but he did go completely unrecognized at a bar in North Carolina a couple of years ago.

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The singer shared a photo of himself having a drink at a high-top table with the caption, "Out and about last night in Charlotte, N.C."

A local reported named Joe Bruno immediately identified the bar as Thirsty Beaver Saloon, and after reaching out to the co-owner of the bar, discovered that several patrons that were there at the same time as Jagger had floor seats to The Rolling Stones' concert, but didn't notice the vocalist was even there.

Sneaky Jagger.

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