You know all the hits! You've headbanged along to them many times, but sometimes it pays to dig a little deeper than what's thrust upon you by the radio airwaves and see what a band is all about. This list should help you do that was we scanned Spotify's streaming stats to determine 40 major metal band's most popular streaming deep cuts.

We should clarify right off the bat that these are songs that were never released commercially as a single or used by a group or artist as a promotional single. Plus, we've also disqualified any song that has charted for airplay even without the benefit of officially being issued as a single.

That said, it's not all the deepest of cuts here. Some songs have become quite popular with fans. Where would Anthrax be without "Caught in a Mosh," Iron Maiden without "Phantom of the Opera" or Metallica without "Seek and Destroy." But, for a good portion of this exercise, you will find songs that didn't have the benefit of a big push from the band.

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So which of these deeper songs connected with the band's fans the most and maybe should've warranted single consideration? Check out each of these acts biggest streaming deep cuts on Spotify below.

*Stats compiled as of Aug. 7, 2023

The Most Streamed Deep Cuts on Spotify by 40 Metal Bands

They weren't heavily promoted, but fans found it anyway.

Most Streamed Deep Cuts From 50 Rock Bands

Apparently you have been going beyond the singles on Spotify.